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     Knight Farwell, President

    UTEC offers high performance standard and custom engineered Tool-A-Thane urethane products. UTEC provides as standard; urethane stock, square and rectangular bars, rounds, tubes, strippers, sheets, v dies, v pads, die cover film, wiper blades, tool-o-pads, adhesive, double faced clamping tape, machine mounts, retainers, wipe down dies, form/emboss/blank dies, and wipe up dies. UTEC provides custom urethane parts to meet your specifications.
    UTEC offers complete services for custom Tool-A-Thane urethane parts, forming dies, engineering services and custom applications. We won't be undersold on our products.
SALE: Less than full Sheets, Rounds, Bars, Strippers in stock price equals pro rate from full size item Less 50%


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