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     Knight Farwell, President

    UTEC offers high performance standard and custom engineered Tool-A-Thane urethane products. UTEC provides as standard; urethane stock, square and rectangular bars, rounds, tubes, strippers, sheets, v dies, v pads, die cover film, wiper blades, tool-o-pads, adhesive, double faced clamping tape, machine mounts, retainers, wipe down dies, form/emboss/blank dies, and wipe up dies. UTEC provides custom urethane parts to meet your specifications.
    UTEC offers complete services for custom Tool-A-Thane urethane parts, forming dies, engineering services and custom applications. We won't be undersold on our products.

If you are buying from anyone else, you simply are paying too much. We only sell high performance urethane standard and custom products
SALE: Less than full Sheets, Rounds, Bars, Strippers in stock price equals normal price Less 50%
SALE: Full Sheets, Rounds, Bars, Strippers in stock price equals normal price Less 30%


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